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According to your different products, we will choose the different brush making machine for you Our company is mainly manufacturing the 2-5axis household and industrial brush and broom machines,brush drilling and tufing machine ,5 axis 3 heads drilling and tufting machine ,5 axis 5 heads filling and tufting machine ,and trimming and flagging machines,pneumatic cutting machine.Its used to produce many kinds of household brushes. Such as, toilet brushes, brooms,hockey brush,hair brush, bottle brush any shape of brushes.For the industrial brushes like: Roller brush,disc brush for road,sweep brooms for street and other shape of brushes.
The B/Controller features of broom machine:
1. its provided with manual data input as well as teach in data input method.
2. auto or step operation.
3. speed of drilling and tufting is controlled by inverter for various speed adjustment.
4. test mode to test machine if functions properly.
5. editing features of ,delete or copy.
6. Normal working or positioning testing.
7. drilling and tufting excessive pressure alarm.
8. production speed is adjustable.
All brush broom machines in our company are high quality,welcome to customized

brush machine.

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